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Web Design:
There is no limit to what we can do to transform your site. Besides, we can reproduce about anything that you see on the Internet. Having conceived many websites since a certain time, we can express with all confidence that the only criteria that counts is that the site generates passage and income for our customer.

Responsive Site:
As you probably know, mobile design has become the global priority, whether for mobile cells, smart phones like iPhone / Android or tablet (iPad etc.) Search engines ranking is based on the existence of a mobile site or a "friendly" mobile website. We can create a site adapting to any platform or resolution. Just 1 site fits all!

Redesign of an existing site:
The solution isn't always as drastic as you might think!

If your website welcomes many visitors but generates few requests of information from the customers or poor sales, it is necessary to think that your site discourages the visitors to conclude a sale. Here is a problem of conception and we can show you how to correct it! Does your site consist of frameworks, tables, use Java or Flash? Search engines do not always reply well to certain elements which enter into the conception of the site for technical reasons that imply the manner of which their software evaluates your site. There are solutions to bypass this problem and your current designer may not know them. We can create the necessary elements and bring changes in the programming of your site to render it compatible with the different search engines.

First, know that there are many ways to sell your online products, some of which do not need an autonomous system of baskets or shopping carts to generate sales. It can be a simple PayPal system with embed BIN buttons (Buy It Now) without the need of databases and secured certificate (SSL). However, if you need one, we will build it and make sure that it works well and that the visitors are placing orders.

Content Management System:
Our dynamic sites are created with the intention of allowing you to be as autonomous as possible with any updates. A friendly and very intuitive administrator interface allows you to intervene on your own site (Content Management System - CMS like Worpress or even Joomla). Thus, you are no longer depending on designers and can easily manage the content by yourself. We can train you on these tools.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and others:
We can allow personalizing the visual aspect of your account to the colors of your organization while making it more pleasant for net surfers. It is also a new trend used very often by the big businesses.

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